Contact us today to learn more about what our experts can do for you. Instaclustr has extensive experience in helping our customers migrate away from locked-in and costly licensed products, to pure open source Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch. You provisioned (via our service manager console or via API) an initial workload of 25GB and 25,000 ops/sec. Our optimization engine determined that you need 2 Large Shards that cost $1.17/hr.

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At Cazton, we have used many of these in-memory databases for different use-cases and we fully understand the capabilities of these technologies. One such technology that has often suited our customer requirements is Redis. Continue reading to learn more about redis, its use cases, top features and more. Over the years, Spark has seen great acceptance in the technology industry. Instaclustr has fully embraced open source technology and has experience working with customers of all sizes, across a wide range of industries through all possible use cases. Our technology strategy consultants will guide you through the process to assess and select the right technologies for your use case and requirements.

  • Any amended terms become effective upon posting on the Redis website for the applicable Cloud Services or as stated in an email notice message.
  • Any provisions intended by their nature to survive termination of this Agreement will survive termination.
  • Instaclustr Managed Redis is the best way to run Redis in the cloud, providing you with a production-ready and fully supported Redis cluster in minutes.
  • When you think of in-memory storage, the very first question that may raise concern is…
  • Use our sizing calculators to find out the shard configuration needed to support your workload and your Flexible plan price.
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It builds upon the unmatched simplicity and speed of Open-Source Redis along with an enterprise grade data platform that offers robustness of modern data models, management, automation, performance and resiliency to deploy and run modern applications at any scale from anywhere on the planet. At Cazton, our team of expert developers, consultants, architects, data analysts, data scientists, DBAs, awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and Google Developer Experts understand the changing requirements and demands of the industry. We have the expertise to understand your requirements and tackle your data problems.

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Then you most likely have a suite of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and related processes and assets in place, providing documented steps and detailed notes to perform the core operational tasks required to manage and monitor your cluster. Our health checks are designed to ensure that your cluster is configured and tuned for performance, secure, scalability, and high availability. Let’s face it, taking an “open source first” approach can be considered as progressive. Let our consulting leaders help you to make the right decisions and take the best approach for adopting open source and making the business case to your executive leadership. We also have a range of fixed-price consulting packages with clearly defined deliverables and statements of work.

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Assuming now that your workload requirements grew, and you changed your provisioning to 100GB and 500,000 ops/sec, the optimization engine will determine that you now need 40 High Throughput Shards (instead of the 2 Large Shards you had before) that cost $7.88/hr. At Instaclustr, all of our technologies are designed to scale on optimally redis consulting sized nodes. We scale Redis horizontally, with clusters beginning with three nodes. Instaclustr has experience assisting with zero downtime migrations from proprietary (e.g. Redis Labs) and self-managed Redis clusters to Instaclustr Managed Redis. Learn more about the fully managed and hosted Redis offering on the Instaclustr Platform.

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Now that you have learned the different persistence mechanisms that Redis offers, let’s take a quick look at its top features and general use cases. Troubleshoot performance issues, trace and debug your Redis server by seeing commands processed in real-time and inspecting slow commands. Visualize Redis Streams and consumer groups, and set an automatic refresh to display new entries in real-time. Use a dedicated workspace for Redis Pub/Sub to publish and consume messages.

Redis Announces Enhanced Global Partner Program – Business Wire

Redis Announces Enhanced Global Partner Program.

Posted: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Boost app performance with a fast, scalable, and highly available caching layer that drives the best experience to your users. When Redis Enterprise powers mission-critical apps, we have your back with 24X7 support from the most experienced Redis team in the industry, and an extended set of DevOps tools for rapid data ingestion, management, automation, and observability connectors. Even with all the enterprise features, Redis Enterprise starts at just $7/month, and with credits, it’s as low as $0 for the 1st year.

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We have successfully deployed the streaming solutions at large fortune 100s and very high traffic web properties. We have been there and done that and understand when and where streaming platforms makes sense and
how to avoid common pitfalls. Enter your real-time search and secondary indexing requirements to size your database. Enter the memory size and throughput requirements of all your databases and we will build an optimal subscription to suit your needs.

redis consulting

Our Kickstarter Packages provide you with the information you need to get started on the right path and to gain access to our seasoned experts to help you keep on that path. Our Kickstarter Packages will provide you with hands-on insight into the value of the technology stack and its usage in the application development. Whatever the results of our review, you will be left with confidence that your operational processes are sound and in accordance with best practice and aligned with our extensive experience in managing clusters with the highest requirements of performance, reliability, and availability. Our solution architects bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can leverage to rapidly design a solution that will give you the performance, security, scale, and availability that are demanded of true global scale enterprise solutions.

Instaclustr for Redis™

Instaclustr Managed Redis makes it easy to scale up or scale down your Redis cluster as your architecture and data infrastructure requirements evolve over time. You can easily add nodes directly within the Instaclustr Console or using our Provisioning API or Terraform Provider. Access the power of Redis, the world’s leading low-latency, in-memory database. Instaclustr Managed Redis is the best way to run Redis in the cloud, providing you with a production-ready and fully supported Redis cluster in minutes. We customize and optimize the configuration of your Redis cluster so you can focus on your applications. Our experienced Technical Operations team then monitor the cluster 24×7 to give you peace of mind to focus on your application’s road map.

redis consulting

Some people might say that traditional relational databases are a thing of the past, but that is not true for all the scenarios. Changing requirements and evolution of the internet has meant that new types of databases have emerged, but most have specific use cases, which makes it difficult to decide on which database should be used when. At the same time, different types of data models have emerged throughout the history of databases but only Relational and NoSQL models have prevailed. Open source solutions inherently offer economies of scale and strong community support.

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With other databases and hosting providers, you may get locked-in and not have all the flexibilities you need for your business. Devoteam is a leading consulting firm focused on digital strategy, tech platforms, data and cybersecurity. Redis offers an optional disc persistence where data can either be stored to the disk every few seconds or by appending each command to a log file. To leverage the capabilities of Redis, we can also disable the optional disc persistence (not recommended in most cases) and use its feature-rich, networked, ultra-fast in-memory cache. Redis in-memory storage is super fast, but there’s a disadvantage to this feature. There’s a big chance of data loss if the machine that is storing data in memory is shut down or loses power.

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