Chapter 8  Triggering and modifying builds OpenShift Container Platform 4.5 Red Hat Customer Portal

All preceding directories in the destinationDir must exist, or an error will occur. You can combine the different methods for creating source clone secrets for your specific needs, such as a secret that combines a .gitconfig file and certificate authority (CA) certificate. The set of Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate authorities (CA) that are trusted during a Git clone operation are built into the OpenShift Container Platform infrastructure images.

You can make key values from secrets available as environment variables using the valueFrom syntax. Input secrets are added as world-writable, have 0666 permissions, and are truncated to size zero after executing the assemble script. This means that the secret files exist in the resulting image, but they are empty for security reasons. You can specify other arbitrary types, such as These types are not enforced server-side, but indicate that the creator of the
secret intended to conform to the key/value requirements of that type. The value in the type field indicates the structure of the secret’s key names and values.

Interact with OpenShift Container Platform

Select the Build Triggers when the changes are pushed in the GitHub repository. This article is based on the assumption that you have basic knowledge of Jenkins, OpenShift, and Ansible Automation Platform. You will also need administrator privileges for your Openshift cluster. With Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines, you can create a customized CI/CD solution to build, test, and deploy your application. Each BuildTriggerPolicy has a type field and set of pointers fields.

  • Build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale on the cloud provider of your choice.
  • In most cases, the service DNS name ..svc is not externally routable.
  • The postCommit hook is not only limited to running tests, but can be used for other commands as well.
  • Each BuildTriggerPolicy has a type field and set of pointers fields.
  • It is planned that pods report this information, so that a controller could restart ones using an old resourceVersion.
  • You can also set the paused attribute to true when initially adding an ImageChangeTrigger to a BuildConfig to prevent a build from being immediately triggered.

This source type is unique in that it is leveraged solely based on your use of the oc start-build. The Git plug-in only uses the proxy configured in the Jenkins UI at the Plugin Manager panel. This proxy is then used openshift bitbucket for all git interactions within Jenkins, across all jobs. If your cluster uses an ImageContentSourcePolicy object to configure repository mirroring, you can use only global pull secrets for mirrored registries.

Creating a project and checking your pipeline service account

If an invalid request payload is presented,
OpenShift Online returns a warning in JSON format as part of its HTTP 200 OK
response. When using an image change trigger for the strategy imagestream, the generated build is supplied with an immutable Docker tag that points to the latest image corresponding to that tag. This new image reference will be used by the strategy when it executes for the build. Image change triggers allow your build to be automatically invoked when a new version of an upstream image is available. For example, if a build is based on top of a RHEL image, then you can trigger that build to run any time the RHEL image changes. Image change triggers allow your build to be automatically invoked when a new
version of an upstream image is available.

openshift bitbucket

As a developer, if you have image change triggers, you can identify which image change initiated the last build. Input images are referenced in the same way the From and To image targets are defined. This means both container images and image stream tags can be referenced. In conjunction with the image, you must provide one or more path pairs to indicate the path of the files or directories to copy the image and the destination to place them in the build context. Oc new-app and oc new-build will create GitHub and Generic webhook triggers automatically, but any other needed webhook triggers must be added manually (see Setting Triggers).

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

If a build is triggered due to a webhook trigger or manual request, the build that is created uses the resolved from the ImageStream referenced by the Strategy. This ensures that builds are performed using consistent image tags for ease of reproduction. For other image change triggers that do not reference the strategy image stream, a new build is started, but the build strategy is not updated with a unique image reference.

openshift bitbucket

So repository SSH keys and accessing a repository over the SSH protocol is the preferred method of accessing a repository. One situation where this will not work though is where the OpenShift instance you are using sits behind a firewall, and that firewall blocks SSH connections to an external Git hosting service. Note that you can technically use Security Tokens with the Container Deployment-based Remote Agent method, but it requires setting a BAMBOO_SECURITY_TOKEN environment variable to the Deployment.

GitHub Webhooks

An enterprise-ready, Kubernetes-native container security solution that enables you to securely build, deploy, and run cloud-native applications anywhere. Red Hat’s managed public cloud application deployment and hosting service. Red Hat’s private, on-premise cloud application deployment and hosting platform. Red Hat OpenShift delivers a complete application platform for both traditional and cloud-native applications, allowing them to run anywhere. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift enables automation inside and outside your Kubernetes clusters. Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy is built on the technological foundation of Linux®, containers, and automation.

openshift bitbucket

Because we are using a personal access token, this will be the HTTPS URI for the repository. If the OpenShift cluster you are using is located behind a corporate firewall and SSH connections are blocked, you need to use a personal access token and HTTPS connection instead. To create a new build and deployment using oc new-app, which uses this source secret, supply the –source-secret option to oc new-app, passing the name of the secret. Similarly, supply –source-secret to oc new-build if creating just a build. When you are done with setting the permissions for the personal access token, click on Create and you will be shown the value of the token. Make sure you make a copy of this as you cannot view it later on in the Bitbucket settings.

Additional self-managed options

Note that the value of the secret is base64 encoded as is required for any data field of a Secret object. Webhook triggers allow you to trigger a new build by sending a request to the OpenShift Container Platform API endpoint. You can define these triggers using GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Generic webhooks. This requires to add the configmap as volume to the pod and mount the volume to the container.

The naive probes that are suggested by the Openshift UI as GET request on container port 7990 kept the application unavailable. When using a private Git repository with OpenShift, you should always aim to use a unique repository SSH key and ensure it has read-only access to the repository. This is because you will need to upload the private key of the key-pair to OpenShift. I want to host a website on OpenShift but I want my code to synchronize automatically with a “free but private” service like Git, so I found BitBucket. The –prompt option means you will be asked to enter in the access token as the password. You could instead use the –password option and supply it on the command line.

Adding input secrets and config maps

To avoid having to enter your password again, be sure to specify the source-to-image (S2I) image in your builds. However, if you cannot clone the repository, you must still specify your user name and password to promote the build. When specified, source code is fetched from the supplied location. Build plans hold all the instructions to build, test and assemble your software.

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