9 Best Ecommerce Chatbot Examples from Successful Brands

pveller ecommerce-chatbot: An example of a chatbot built with Microsoft Bot Framework and featuring e-commerce capabilities via Moltin, Azure Search, Recommendations API, and LUIS

e commerce chat bot

As soon as you click on the bubble, you’re presented with a question asking what your query is about and a set of options to choose from. But you’re not sure where to begin, so you reach out via the chat bubble visible on its website. Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business. Create your custom Ecommerce website in minutes with AI-generated content and images and customize it easily with our drag and drop editor. Web Channel, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Skype, Line, WordPress plugin, Email, Telegram, Zendesk, direct API integration into other platforms.

e commerce chat bot

Customers.ai is a popular option in this list of the best chatbots. It’s one of the easiest-to-use chatbot softwares, as it integrates bots for website, chats, Facebook ads and SMS within a single system. That’s right even your least tech-savvy employee can turn out some superior chatbots. When it comes to adding a chatbot to your eCommerce store, there are ton of options to choose from.

Real-world examples of successful ecommerce chatbots

It also means that customers will always have someone (or something) on the other end of a chat window. According to recent polls, 74% of respondents agree that AI can free up agents to concentrate on enhancing the client experience as a whole. Capacity’s chatbot technology can aid in boosting customer satisfaction with your company by automating time-consuming processes, reducing response times, and offering individualized service. Ensure a consistent brand experience; the chatbot platform should let you alter the chatbot’s responses, branding, and user interface. The chatbot’s responses should reflect the voice and aesthetic of your company, giving customers a seamless experience. The chatbot’s user interface should be simple and consistent with your brand’s color palette and visual elements.

It’s also possible to start from scratch and build a totally custom eCommerce chatbot. Facebook’s Click-to-Messenger Ads are a great way to build a user base for your chatbot. It generated a ton of engagement for HelloFresh, with 2.4k likes, 61 shares, and 365 comments — meaning 365 new users in their bot. The correct answer was “Traffic,” and anyone who commented received a message from Freddy almost instantly. Here’s an example of how HelloFresh used this feature to promote their Black Friday offers.

How to build an ecommerce chatbot in just a few steps

All of these are without the technicalities of writing code, thus increasing customer support team efficiency and providing actionable insights with chatbot analytics. Tidio’s AI chatbot is designed to make automated replies conversational and provide clear answers to questions. Chiefly, eCommerce AI chatbots operate based on interactions with previous website visitors and are trained based on those conversations. Chatbots can provide an ‘always on’ service and answer queries at any time of day from anywhere—even during holidays and weekends when there’s no one in the office.

Conversational Commerce – Sinch

Conversational Commerce.

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It partnered with Haptik and Zendesk Sunshine to build a truly self-service AI commerce assistant on its website. Haptik designed a bot capable of offering an end-to-end eCommerce experience from product discovery to purchase and post-purchase support. Latercase improved its add-to-cart rate by 20% while the cart-to-checkout conversion rose by 70%! Haptik provided the perfect one-stop solution that caters to Latercase’s new and existing customers. With customers being more connected on messaging apps now than ever before, they expect businesses to meet them where they are.

Maintain a persistent shopping cart.

Remember, online consumers are unable to see or touch your products or imagine what they look like in daily use. That’s why we offer high-definition videos across our brand’s product pages to make them more interactive. I have found that this is a great step toward earning new conversions. Add this template https://www.metadialog.com/ to your website, LiveChat, Messenger, and other platforms using ChatBot integrations. Open up new communication channels and build long-term relationships with your customers. Making small changes to an order or tracking the status of a delivery are mundane tasks that should not require a human agent.

  • The user experience is the defining trait of successful brands in 2020 and beyond.
  • Users can ask specific questions, anything from product advice to product availability.
  • It also works with smart devices like smartwatches and other gadgets.
  • They can be used for pretty much everything – booking a train ticket, ordering a takeaway, getting help with a clothes delivery, and much more.
  • As Casper VP Lindsay Kaplan stated ‘Some nights, it’s just impossible to fall asleep, so I think Casper wanted to create something that’s a friend that keeps you up at night’.
  • Haily is also a personal shopper, offering personalized product advice and answering questions related to fit, style or suitability.

The bot enables DECEN to replicate the personal sales approach they’d previously used at product expos, whereas a lot of this would have been lost on a website. LEGO’s chatbot is available in the UK, US, France, Poland and Germany. Using Facebook’s click-to-Messenger e commerce chat bot ads, in some of these markets Lego has seen a 6X return on ad spend. The bot also helped LEGO to reduce their cost per conversion by 31% (vs. other conversion-based ads). Here are a few basic features to keep in mind when looking for a chatbot.

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