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During my bachelor degree in International Marketing, a fellow student asked me to come by and check out the local cheerleading team. A few years later, I am an entrepreneur and international coach in the cheerleading & partner stunting scene, and proud to call it my job and life! 

As a coach, I worked with thousands of athletes, teams and gyms in 23 countries around the world. Providing team coachings, partner stunt workshops, private stunt classes and online coaching services. Since working with so many teams and athletes, I am also providing graphic designs, teamwear and training apparel. 

As an athlete, me and my stunt partner competed in many national and international championships, winning  several european & german national partner stunt titles. Biggest accomplishments were placing in 1st place at the european cheerleading union as well as coming in 5th place at the ICU world championship in the partner stunt division. Competing with the german national team at the ICU Worlds several times and at the IASF Worlds with FTG Bullets Allstars needs to be mentioned. Memories that will stay forever!

"It's all about the finesse!"

My favorite quote & motto that played and plays a big part becoming the athlete and coach i am today! 

Finesse refers to Stunt Finesse, and describes the understanding for partner stunting. A special way of cleverness, mental acuity, willingness, fast reaction and colloquial trick when stunting.

Stunt Finesse includes adaptability and implementation ability as well as other success factors in order to achieve your best possible performance. 

I still base my own training and coaching around this quote. Nowadays, it has become an even bigger impact in my daily personal life all around.

About Me

I am primarily coaching partner stunt athletes and competitive cheerleading teams, as well as sport teams with an artistic & acrobatic backgrounds. 

Team coachings, specific workshops, stunt classes and online coaching are the key points in my portfolio. The business units  of graphic design and teamwear have arised during the years of working in the cheer industry. Both areas have greatly improved to another big part in my work day.

I am a very passionate athlete and coach since many years. I have met, worked alongside, and coached thousands of athletes all around the world which has been a blessing and the best education tool ever.

I love to share my experiences, knowledge & passion in all sorts of coaching services! Adding online coaching services to my portfolio makes it possible to work with athletes worldwide even more, what is just awesome!

 I am still active as an athlete and coach – for more information, check out my Instagram and Youtube! 

What i do, love & live for!

Here you see everything i do! 

All of my business units and services i offer!

If you want to find out more, just click on the area you are interested in, and you can get in contact with me! 


The partner stunt workshop of your dreams! For everyone who wants to learn and improve their skills.

1 day, 6 hours, hosted in different cities all over europe. Action-packed high quality coaching content with a maximum of 40-100 partner stunt athletes.

Stunt Class

A stunt class is a personal coaching classes in partner stunting with me. Classes between 1-6 athletes…

1on1 flyer class up to a mixed group of 6 athletes. The class can be hold in your gym or outside (summer time).

Online Coaching

My online coaching specializes on custom training plans and video analysis for partner stunting…

You will be working with me online. There are several options you can choose from. Communication via email, WhatsApp & Zoom. You will receive my feedback, corrections and new training plans via Google Drive and a private WhatsApp group.

Team Coaching

Team coachings are build on a skills-related coaching that can be booked all year around…

A fully customized coaching with me based on your learning objectives and goals. I will be coming to your gym and host a coaching appearance.


All sorts of teamwear products from season shirts, slippers, towels, socks,hoodies, team backpacks, …

training apparel and streetstyle clothing.

Quality printing, effect color options, sending of samples for free, delivery time within 10-14 working days, and rush order are possible.


Creating your desired design! Custommade graphic creations of all kinds. Specialized on …

clothing designs, all over prints, logo creations and promotional design orders.

You can order designs-only or in combination with the printing product.


The first ever weight training program specialized for partner stunt athletes and …

athletes within competitive cheerleading or other artistic sports.

Created and operated by Dr. Simon Gavanda & Constantin Stalzer.

Summer Stuntfest

The Summer Stuntfest is a sporting and lifestyle event in the field of cheerleading and acrobatics.

A common meeting place and “just-for-fun” training weekend for teams, active and interested people of the cheerleading community and other artistic sports.

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