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I am coaching teams coming from the sport of competitive cheerleading around europe, all ages and levels. As well as teams and athletes coming from similar artistic sports such as guards, show dance teams and performance artistic. Depending on the month, I am traveling more internationally, coaching on summer camps, artistic events and different coaching appearances.

My team coachings are build on skills-related coachings and clean up coachings. A fully customized coaching with me based on your learning objectives and goals can be booked all year around. I will be coming to your gym and host a coaching appearance.

Skills Coaching
"Coed & All Girl Teams"

A skills coaching focuses on learning new skills and elements. It is ideal for cheerleading teams to gather new input for upcoming competitions and championships to improve the overall performance level.

Other artistic-based teams such as dancing guards and show dance groups  are using coachings to add new highlights, to include new show elements and to add a more creative look to their program. 

The coaching varies from 3-9 hours per day up to 10-12 hours within a 2-day coaching. Often the whole cheer club/gym combines a coaching for several days to include all teams and age groups within the club/gym.

Clean Up Coaching
"Routine & Comp Prep"


A clean up coaching is useful within the final weeks (approximately 9-3 weeks) before the championship or final performance day with the goal to fine-tune the program/routine.

It is the final spurt in training putting the „icing on the cake“ to your routine! Optimization of timing and synchronicity, weeding out of impurities and „construction sites“ as well as improvement of the flow of your routine in order to optimally adapt to the rulebook and scoresheet.

Team and athletes are mentally and physically in „routine mode“. And it will be my job to test, challenge and push your team to improve overall performance, physically and mentally in order to be perfectly prepared on competition day.

Team Coaching Appearances

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