Your training plan is ready! Are you?

My online coaching specializes in customized training plans and video analysis for partner stunt athletes. I will be coaching you directly and online.

My online coaching spots for partner stunt training plans are limited, as I don’t outsource online coaching. I want to work with athletes who share the same mindset and passion for the sport of partner stunting as I do. My vision is to bridge the gap for ambitious athletes looking to take the next step in their partner stunt level.

You will receive my personal advice, tips & tricks, and coaching perspectives toward your partner stunt goals. You can choose between two online coaching options. “Online coaching by training plan” where you will receive an individual progressional training plan 2-4 times per month. “Online clients coached by video analysis” will receive feedback 24-48 hours after submission. Both options specialize in technique analysis, error correction, and further training progression based on your uploaded videos or submissions.

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